On the occasion of the 1600th anniversary of the Jerome’s death, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Arts of Ljubljana University, together with eight European institutions, organized an International Symposium "Hieronymus noster" in Ljubljana between 23rd to 26th October 2019.

The President-Dean of our Faculty, Prof. Miran Sajovic, together with other doctorate students, has participated this remarkable event. More than one hundred scholars and researchers from universities of almost twenty countries, mainly European and American, were the majority. Notable names which are known worldwide were also present: Institut des Sources Chrétiennes and Vienna Academy (Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum).

Besides the opening and closing keynote speeches, each day of the Symposium was divided into four sessions, in which two were in the morning and two in the afternoon. In each session there were three simultaneous penal discussions and were divided according to the themes of the presentations, which were: Theology, Jerome’s Exegesis, Translating Scripture, Slovenian section, Jerome and Monastic Theology, Epistolography, Jerome and the Classics, Jerome and Aquileia, Reception of Jerome, Jerome and Art, Jerome and Liturgy, History and Archaeology, Heresiology, Croatian Culture, Jerome: Origen and Augustine.

Prof. Sajovic, leader of our faculty delegation, presented his latest research entitled Aliquid de Latinitate Hieronymiana in one of the penal sessions; our doctorate students, Giovanna Martino and rev. Fernando Monzon, also shared their inspiring discovery entitled La regola educativa di Gerolamo, esempi di una Institutio Christiana nell’epistolario geronimiano (epp. 107 e 128) and Punti di coincidenza della Vita Malchi di Girolamo con la tradizione umanistica in quanto trasmissione letteraria, sapienziale e pedagogica in the Symposium respectively.

This prestigious opportunity did not only strengthen the bond between our Faculty with the organizing University and other participating institutes, but also served as a cultural and scientific enrichment for our students for their own academic advancement.

(written by Roberto Vella)

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